Our laboratories are equipped with all the appropriate specialized equipment required for precise and reliable service and calibration.

Precision is ensured by annual control of our equipment by authorized scientific Laboratories according to International Standards.

Intermedica is the only company in the Balkans and one of the few in Europe which has the authorization and technical capability of maintaining and servicing vaporizers. This is due to the presence of a refractometer which is installed in a specially arranged room with specific conditions.


A significant part of the successful growth and development of Intermedica is due to reliable and consistent after sales technical support.

Our company employs specialized scientific personnel with many years of experienced in the sector and proper training. By attending technical seminars on a regular basis, on the modern technology used in our products, we ensure the ability to respond successfully to our customers’ demands.

Having scheduled maintenance and supervision plans we anticipate possible technical faults in the operation of our equipment and we ensure the smooth function of OR and IC Units. In the event of a technical fault service is provided either on site or at our service centre.