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Anesthesia Carestation 600series

The Anesthesia Carestation 600series is a compact, flexible and easy to use yet powerful  anaesthesia workstation.



CS 600series has an elegant, modern and slim design. The compact workstation – available as trolly version and mounted version  has an easy to use operation system. The inituive user interface is designed inline with our Carescape patientmonitors.

The CS Anesthesia Carestation 600series can be equipped with the reknown airdway modules for the measrument of airway gases, pressures and volumes.

The Carestation Anesthesia Carestation 600series has a modular configuration to be equipped according to your needs. All ventilation modes can be added through software upgrades.

The Ecoflow option allows anesthesiologists to minimize the risk of hypoxic gasmixtures  and support the economic low-flow and minimal-flowrates combined with continuosu monitoring of gases to reduce the consumption of volatiles.

Modes of ventilation – included

– VCV (Volume Control) Mode with tidal volume compensation

Modes of ventilation – optional

–  PCV (Pressure Control Ventilation)
–  PCV-VG (Pressure Controlled Ventilation including Volume Guarantee)

–  SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory

Ventilation) (volume and pressure)
–  PSVPro™ (Pressure Support with Apnea backup)

–  CPAP+PSV (Pressure support mode)