The CARESCAPE Patient Monitor B650 combines the features and functionality you need to provide exceptional care. Fast access to accurate clinical data:

• Vital patient details all in one place for a streamlined, efficient workflow

• Integrated connection to MUSE® ECG management system provides instant access to reports and expert cardiology diagnosis

• Clinically excellent algorithms deliver a wide range of measurements, based on heritage from Marquette Electronics and Datex-Ohmeda.

• Wired or wireless network connectivity allows for alarm sharing, central station monitoring and data capture to electronic medical record systems

• Critical information, including spirometry with gas exchange, measured airway pressures, volumes, and calculated values at the patient’s airway deliver reliable and vital measurements to help assess patient readiness for ventilator weaning

• SpO2 and CO2 parameters provide data form oxygenation and ventilation calculations

• Preconfigured monitor profiles and screen layouts allow you to assess data quickly when consulting or considering next steps

• Unity Network™ Interface Device, when combined with the CARESCAPE Monitor B650/B850, allows for ventilator data integration or other external device

The comprehensive clinical intelligence solution

The Carescape B650 Compact modular Patient Monitor is available with department specific software packages for Anesthesia, PACU, Cardiology, ICU and Neonatal/Pediatric Care.

The CARESCAPE Monitor B650 helps you access relevant clinical information, when and where you need it. Its flexible, scalable technology is designed to acquire, store and retrieve critical data more efficiently and securely, across your entire enterprise.

Easy to use and service

• User interface supports touch screen and keyboard use, allowing fast access to advanced features

• Interface design is consistent with other devices of the GE monitoring portfolio, making it easier to transition between monitors

• InSite™ ExC enables remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance and seamless upgrades of the CARESCAPE Monitor B650 to help minimize downtime

• Pages and Profiles feature allows you to reconfigure quickly for patient acuity, type, clinician preference, care requirements or clinical status

• Advanced tools enable you to assess the patient’s cardiac function, hemodynamics, ventilation/oxygenation and overall status, helping reduce the risk of complications

• Alarm management tools such as Automatic View on Alarm, escalating alarms, autoalarms, intelligent alarms, default alarms and network alarm management help improve workfl ow when caring for multiple patients.