GE Healthcare

Carescape B850 patient monitor

GE Healthcare’s Carescape B850 modular patient monitor is a high-acuity monitor that can help you manage your patient flow by providing a dependable level of data continuity and integration across care areas. Its intuitive design allows for easy training for all staffexperience levels, and upgradability protects your longterm system investments.

Carescape B850 allows to choose two flexible choices of displays. Engineered to help you provide better care, you may choose the 15-inch non-touch screen or the 19-inch touch screen. Both choices have wide viewing angles and uncomparable clarity so you can easily read critical data at the point of care.

Carescape B850 can be connected to up to 4 displays with different configurations and/or as passive or active display. Various medical grade passive displays are available.

The user interface is very easy to learn. For users familiar with monitoring systems the typical time to learn is 30″. The menu structure is composed in such a ways that at maximum two menu layers are available to activate the applicable setting (at maximum). Ultimate user operation comfort.

User’s can choose between software bundles designed specifically for care areas such as Emergency, Anesthesia, PACU, surgical ICU and Cardiac Care. Specific software features can be purchased at any time during the life cycle. The user defines the performance level of the Carescape patient monitor.

The Carescape B850 consist of a module frame (selectable between 5 and 7 port module frame), a CPU (fan free), display options, The hemodynamic PDM module and the PSM/(P) module can be mounted externally.