The Carescape system offers a wide variety of parameter modules using the bench mark algorithms of the orginal GE manufacturers i.e GE Datex, GE Marquette, GE Dinamap, GE Ohmeda, GE Prucka, GE Hellige. Specific parameter technology from other developers is available through secured OEM agreements with i.e. Nellcor, Masimo, PiCCO, Covidien BIS.

The hemodynamic parameter module, the Patient Data Module (PDM), is available in versions with Ohmeda, Nellcor or Masimo SpO2 technology and with/without IBP. The PDM patient module saves all measured data, independently from where the information (data) come from (measured directly by the PDM module or through interfaced external devices). The module is designed as add-on module for future expansion with other parameter measurement modules.

Each PDM module can measure 3L/5L/6L/12L ECG, supports the continuous arrythmia analysis, can measure CO2, SpO2, up to 4 IBP, 2 temperatures and uses the absolute best technology for noninvasive bloodpressure measurements, the GE Dinamap algorhythm. Performance depends on the software features installed in your Carescape monitor.

Additional, specific Carescape parameters modules can used in addition to the PDM module.

In addition to the PDM module the Carescape system can be equipped with the PSM(P) module. This hemodynamic combination module is compatible with Datex monitoring installations.

This hemodynamic combination module is compatible with Datex monitoring installations.

The PSM(P) module can measure ECG (3/5L), SpO2(Ohmeda), optional IBP(2), temperature(2) and NIBP (Datex). The PSM module memorizes Patient ID.