Carescape Compact Airway Modules offer a wide range of direct patient ventilation and gas exchange measurements: CO2, O2 concentrations, multigas measurement with anesthetic identification, patient spirometry, CO2 production and O2 consumption (metabolics).

Module options with and without anesthetic agent measurement are designed for the use with Carescape B850 and B650 monitors.  The modules can be used as modula rpart of our Carescape monitor solutioons as well as part of our GE anesthesia workstations.

The CO2 extension module features the new generation sidestream CO2 measurement based on GE’s excellence in gas measurement technology.

A CO2-only  measurement module has been designed especially for application in PACU and ICU.

Integrated single-width modules for respiratory gas and lung mechanics.

Supports ventilation and anesthesia delivery, providing essential data including inspired and expired CO2, O2, N20, anesthetic agents and lung mechanics.

  • Modular monitoring with CARESCAPE monitors.
  • Integration in our modular anesthesia ventilators Avance CS2 / Aisys CS2 and CS650 series.