With the Carescape iPanel, you have a panoramic view of relevant patient information across hospital IT (sub)systems when and where you need it

The Carescape iPanel from GE Healthcare reflects a new way of working with patient information. Coupled with GE’s leading Carescape patient monitoring solutions, iPanel gathers data from multiple systems and devices, uniting care-critical information at the point of decision. With iPanel you can flexibly and efficiently manage patient relevant data across the hospital, delivering the right patient data, right where it’s needed most. That’s more than monitoring. It’s Carescape.

iPanel provides access to patient data.

from one convenient clinical command center, enabling you to improve clinical workflow. Get the critical patient information you need right at the point of care; instead of running to the central nursing station to find lab results or diagnostic images on a separate system, you can stay informed without leaving your patient’s side.

Save time and improve accuracy

The patient-centric searchengine automatically identifies and retrieves your patient’s data from across the enterprise, without requiring separate logins to various applications.

Optimize existing platforms

iPanel has a software-only solution, so you can use it on a workstation anywhere—at the bedside within the Carescape patientmonitor, on a separate display next to the monitor, at the central station, in your office, or on a tablet PC or other device.

Provide education, supply information at the bedside or anywhere. 

Thoughtful and well orchestrated.

The CARESCAPE iPanel enhances the coordination and flow of clinical intelligence throughout your hospital. Its open design means it can easily be incorporated with your current systems, so you capitalize on existing investments while enabling seamless integration between devices and IT systems.

• Can be configured to provide different departments with one-touch access to the information they most commonly use: lab results, PACS images, medications or other relevant details.

• Connects directly to the hospital network and, like a typical PC, uses the existing network infrastructure and hardware, leveraging technologies you already have in place.

• Is fully scalable, so you can add one iPanel workstation per department or one at every bedside.

• Can use a wired or wireless Ethernet connection, giving you the flexibility to place the iPanel workstation wherever it is most convenient.

•Supports the ability to view Windows®, Citrix® or Web-enabled applications with a single touch.