The communication bridge between peripheral devices and the Carescape  network

The Unity Network Interface Device (ID) provides cost effective connectivity of supported stand-alone devices to the CARESCAPE™ Network. Data is integrated with monitors all Carescape patient monitors making diverse types of patient data available to the clinician when and where it’s needed most. Alle data supplied from exterrnal devices to the Unity ID are saved in the PDM module.

The power of the Unity Network ID

Many third-party devices transmit data with an RS-232 interface. Unity Network ID repackages this data, transmits it through the Unity Network Ethernet protocol, then transmits it to a hospital system via an Aware Gateway interface. This interface provides a single point of access for all bedside data, streamlining the network architecture and cost of electronic information capture.

Plug and play connectivity

Unity Network ID offers “plug and play” connections through Device Identification Communication Adapters (DIDCA), which automatically identify a supported device as soon as it is connected. Includes optically isolated connections that meet basic safety requirements for devices used in proximity to patients. Indicator lights give the clinician immediate visual feedback once the connection is made.

Unity ID is available for a large number of external devices. An up to date liste is available upon request.