The Corometrics 250cx Series maternal/fetal monitoring system is a full antepartum/intrapartum fetal monitor that includes innovative features that helps you deliver a high quality birthing experience and enhanced patient care.

Corometrics CTG 250 and CTG 250cx Color

The Corometrics 250 Series combines outstanding clinical capabilities with the reliability you demand. These advanced maternal/fetal monitors comprise a high-tech system that allows you to deliver a fulfilling experience for every patient –including the opportunity to celebrate the birth with a choice of 3 songs.

Only the best for baby for every patient, nothing short of excellence will do.

The Corometrics 250 Series fetal monitoring capabilities include Fetal ECG for continuous, direct fetal heart rate (FHR) data with waveform display and printing.

  • Fetal heart rate high/low alarms provide both audible and visual alerts if the FHR is outside of the user-defi ned high/ low range.
  • Optional and unique Spectra AlertsTM simultaneously analyze FHR and uterine activity (UA) information, and alert clinicians of deviations from the norm.
  • Our optional and exclusive keyboard also facilitates basic documentation on the paper strip chart for monitors not connected to a Clinical Information System.

The Corometrics 250 Series provides a choice of integrated GE Ohmeda, Masimo SET® or Nellcor® maternal pulse oximetry (MSpO2), making it easy for the clinician to monitor, document, and even view the waveform. The selectable 3-lead maternal ECG with pacemaker detection and rejection generates maternal heart rate, QRS waveform display, and a six-second snapshot printout when requested. Technology is an integral part of the modern birthing environment. But childbirth remains an intensely personal experience. Corometrics 250 Series monitors give you the knowledge and confidence to treat the varying needs of every patient during this dynamic process.

  • Patented DINAMAP® SuperSTAT Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) technology speeds up determinationsto enhance patient comfort while retainingreliability. to enhance patient comfort while retaining reliability.
  • GE-exclusive Smart BP delays blood pressuremeasurement during contractions to reduce patientdistraction and provide more meaningful diagnosticdata. measurement during contractions to reduce patient distraction and provide more meaningful diagnostic data.
  • Our Nautilus watertight 9-crystal ultrasound and toco transducers are designed for bedsidemonitoring, telemetry, and hydrotherapy. The  monitoring, telemetry, and hydrotherapy. The flat-surfacedesign of the toco helps to reduce visible marks andprovides a more comfortable design of the toco helps to reduce visible marks and provides a more comfortable fit.
  • When monitoring twins, independent volume controls facilitate transducer placement by allowingboth heart rates to be heard at the same time.
  • ChartLight with new backlit keys and a dimmable display helps caregivers work comfortably while patientsremain relaxed in a low-light environment.
  • Conventional Design 9-Crystal Design