Hospitalwide and departemental alarm management for GE patient monitoring

Ascom Alarm-Notification System

Swiss quality communication meets medical technology leader

Enabling an alarm notification to reach the right caregiver wherever they are on campus is vital.

To deliver this, the GE Ascom solution has been developed to add mobility to patient data distribution in real time. Access to alarms is facilitated at any time, any place within the facility. Alarm management is also improved through filtering and prioritization, avoiding alarm fatigue.

The GE Ascom solution – GE Healthcare’s patient monitoring CARESCAPE™ Network with the Ascom Mobile Monitoring Gateway – is rugged and robust,providing users with a high performance wirelesscommunications solution.

Mobile Monitoring Gateway – is rugged and robust, providing users with a high performance wireless communications solution.

Display of a patient monitor alarm message on a cordless phone.

The Mobile Monitoring Gateway (Server) is the core of the system:

– Smart interface to the GE Carescape Network

– Provides messages to handsets and other notification devices

– Powerful, dynamic action handler for advanced notification rules

– Manages Filter settings

– Manages Duty Assignments: Configurable assignment of users per patient monitor and escalation level

– Scalable

– Web-based GUI

Display devices

  • Ascom Wireless Solutions’ paging, IP-DECT, and VoWiFi devices
  • Adaptive Micro Systems® Alpha 1.0 (EZ95) text displays•Cisco IP phone services enabled devices
  • Polycom® Open Application Interface (OAI) enabled devices
  • Supported system input interfaces
  • TAP v1.8 protocol
  • SMTP protocol
  • SNPP v1-3 protocol