The B105 and B125 preconfigured patientmonitor from GE Healthcare delivers the performance you can trust. The monitor is simple and intiuitv to use, can be used in various care areas and measures high quality parameters with solid reliability.

B105 and B125 patientmonitor. Connectivity with the Carescape Monitornetwork and the mobile care viewer

Parameter excellence

The B105 and the B125 patientmonitor includes supreme parameter technology für a reliable and precise patient surveillance:

  • ECG EK-Pro-Arrhythmia analysis
  • Non invasive bloodpressure using the latest Dinamap Superstat technology
  • A coice of excellent SpO2 measurments technologies suchas GE’s Trusignal, nellcor’s Oximax or Masimo’s SET SpO2.
  • Sidestream GE EtCO2 measurement
  • Special package of software options for the monitoring of neonates

Due to its robust and stable design it resists harsh operating conditions as well as the permanent stresses of the hectic hospital day:

  • IT security at the current level
  • Stable performance in harsh operating conditions
  • Impact test of 75 cm height for the main unit
  • Three hours of battery life

Selected technical data:

  • 10.1″ Display, WVGA (B105), 12.1″ (B125)
  • Up to 6 dynamic waveforms
  • Configurable layout and colours
  • Capacitive touchscreen and trimknob operation
  • ECG 3/5 channel – Respiration (impedance) – NIBP – Temperature – Invasive bloodpressure (2) – Sidestream eTCO2