The GE Healthcare Giraffe® Warmer is designed to meet the needs of the NICU patient and clinician along with the Giraffe Incubator and Giraffe OmniBed.® The revolutionary heater design eliminates a large overhead heater making it easier to observe the patient and perform procedures such as X-ray examinations and even surgery.

The Giraffe Carestation Platform – revolutionary in design and performance

The Giraffe® Incubator is an enclosed neonatal intensive care microenvironment developed using a strategy of exten­sive user input to best define products that meet the needs of clinicians, patients and families. Several unique features provide a developmentally appropriate environment for the patient, while decreasing stress for family and simplifying procedures for the clinician.

The Giraffe inccubator is the most advanced, user-friendly and developmentally supportive micro environment available today; combining state of the art technology, innovative design and exceptional thermal performance to create an unsurpassed healing environment for intensively ill infants.

Features and Benefits

  • Patient Accessibility• Patented Baby SusanTM rotating mattress allows the caregiver to rotate the mattress 360° for easy
  • Patient access.• Dual Access doors and portholes – allow access even when the bed is tilted 12°• Centralized display/control unit provides accessibility from either side of the bed plus excellent viewing of all equipment and patient parameters.
  • Bed• Integrated X-ray cassette tray minimizes patient disturbance.• Internally activated bed tilt is smooth and continuous through 0-12° in both trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg positions. Bed tilt can be activated internally with one hand, allowing the caregiver to comfort the infant while changing the bed position.• Pressure diffusing mattress to promote improved clinical efficiency.

Additional Features

  • Optional servo oxygen control system maintains a controlled environment.
  • Controlled servo humidification.
  • Integrated trending for control settings, thermal para- meters, and baby weight provides historical reference.
  • Elevating base accommodates standing caregivers and seated family, even those seated in wheelchairs.
  • Optional in-bed scale with weight trending allows weights to be taken and trended without removing the baby.
  • Unique Comfort Zone recommends best-practice in thermo-regulation using the neutral thermal environment.