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Giraffe™ OmniBed™ Carestation

The Giraffe OmniBed is a full-featured incubator and radiant warmer that eliminates the stress of moving critically-ill infants from bed to bed

Combining Technology and Experience to Send Babies Home Healthy

In critical care environments when every second counts, technology needs to work for you. The Giraffe OmniBed Carestation simplifies and enhances the clinical workflow by providing caregivers the intuitive and reliable neonatal solution they need to support clinical challenges and manage babies toward better health.
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A new thermally controlled environment that converts from an open bed warmer to a closed incubator at the touch of a button. The OmniBed has been designed by a team of nurses, doctors and medical device engineers to be the ideal infant care station. With many additional features including a patented slide out rotating Baby Susan mattress, centrally located control panel and extra low elevating bed range, the Giraffe OmniBed gives babies the best of what we know.

As an incubator the close and protected microenvironment provides stable and controlled thermoregulation delivery and control of humidity and oxygen level.

Because connectivity is the foundation of any care station, our Giraffe OmniBed Carestation has connectivity capabilities which allow communication with electronic healthcare records and hospital information systems; it is equipped for future updates and upgrades.

As a radiant warmer the patient receives a uniform, focus and quick warmth while maintaining a very comfortable working environment for the caregiver. The exceptional performance during the transition phase from close to open and reverse provides uninterrupted thermoregulation while allowing full patient access required during specific procedures.

Low noise fan and comfortable pressure-diffusing mattress offer babies the soothing environment they need to rest and heal. The pressure-diffusing mattress reacts to the impact of the baby’s body, reducing pressure points while decreasing motion and disruption, and increasing comfort. The patented translating Baby Susan™ rotating mattress enhances productivity by allowing the caregiver to easily position the baby for clinical procedures and to facilitate effortless family bonding.

Streamlined workflow – the large color display (10.4 inches) and touchscreen user interface helps caregivers optimizing their workflow while monitoring and controlling the baby’s environment.
Ready to apply comfort zone, quick admission and weighting procedures, and direct access to the settings make it easy to operate.

Allows care consistency – the activation of the one touch Air Boost protects baby from heat loss when either panel or porthole is opened. In addition, the rotating mattress, the positioning of the tilt mechanism, will also support caregivers’ efforts getting things right the first time while minimizing unnecessary negative touches to the patients.

Personalized approach with the customized screens such as clinical trends and screen themes that contribute to the creation of an exceptional patient- and family friendly care environment supporting the clinical needs and providing continued highly visible monitoring.

Infection control is an important topic in the NICU. The Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is designed not to promote bacterial or fungal growth. The hands-free alarm silence allows caregivers, with a wave of hand, to turn off the alert eliminating unnecessary procedure interruption and baby stimulation.