The Giraffe® Warmer is designed to meet the needs of the NICU patient and clinician along with the Giraffe Incubator and Giraffe OmniBed.® The revolutionary heater design eliminates a large overhead heater making it easier to observe the patient and perform procedures such as X-ray examinations and even surgery.

The Giraffe Platform revolutionary in design and performance

Silence alarms using the new Hands Free Alarm Silence. A brilliant full color control panel displays patient parameters and trending. The Giraffe Warmer eliminates alarms during Warmup Mode so you can warm the bed before the baby arrives without disturbing other patients, family or clinicians. Integrated resuscitation and Masimo SpO2 options support the latest resuscitation guidelines. Weighing your baby can be a difficult procedure, but with our integrated in-bed scale option you can weigh the baby at the bedside and easily chart daily weight trends.


The Giraffe Warmer provides a warm, comfortable, developmentally supportive environment for the baby. The Giraffe Warmer brings you a solution in high acuity settings with powerful uninterrupted thermal performance that ensures a comfortable and developmentally-supportive environment for the baby. The recessed heater design gives you convenient control, visibility and access – even to perform procedures such as X-rays and surgery.