GE Healthcare

Panda Warmers for Labor & Delivery

The Panda® Warming system from GE Healthcare (Ohmeda) is unlike any warmer you have seen… thermal performance without a clumsy overhead heater!

Performing procedures such as X-rays and surgery just got easier. Attending clinicians remain cool and comfortable. Your baby always stays warm, content and safe.

  • Warmup with no nuisance alarms
  • Hands-free alarm silence
  • Heat where you need it
  • Integrated resuscitation
  • Integrated SpO2
  • Integrated scale



The Panda® Warmer is designed to meet the needs of your Labor and Delivery. Our revolutionary design eliminates a large overhead heater making it easier to observe the patient. Silence alarms using the new Hands Free Alarm Silence. A brilliant full color control panel displays patient parameters and trending. The Panda Warmer eliminates alarms during Warmup Mode so you can warm the bed before the baby arrives without disturbing the mother during labor. Integrated resuscitation and SpO2 options support the latest resuscitation guidelines. Every baby is weighed at birth and our integrated in-bed scale option simplifies the weighing procedure while keeping the baby warm in the process.