Datex-Ohmeda Centiva/5

Datex-Ohmeda Centiva/5


Datex-Ohmeda Centiva/5

Datex-Ohmeda Centiva/5 – The Centiva/5 Critical Care Ventilator is your solution to the space and time demands of the critical care environment. The Centiva has been designed with the clinician in mind combining a compact size with high levels of performance. The Centiva’s small size opens up valuable space around the patient’s bed and allows you the freedom to mount the entire system on the wall or remote mount the display unit while the ventilator engine is strategically placed out of the clinicians way.

Special attention was placed on simplifying the operation of the Centiva. Its controls and menus are based on the well-established Datex-Ohmeda user interface making it easy to navigate which helps shorten the learning curve for new users. The Centiva is equipped for fast, easy turn around having only three parts that need cleaning in between patient uses.

While the Centiva/5 boasts a small size, its level of performance is anything but small. It provides the following advanced capabilities as standard features:

  • Seven modes of ventilation plus an apnea ventilation backup
  • Airway resistance compensation
  • Non-invasive ventilation
  • Compliance and resistance compensation
  • Automatic patient detection
  • Automatic suction routine
  • Alarm Autoset

The Centiva/5 is also a member of the Datex-Ohmeda System/5 family of products.

The Centiva/5 is not just a ventilator – it’s a versatile partner designed with your needs and work environment in mind.


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