The SenTec Digital Monitor (SDM) is an easy-to-use bedside monitor with an integrated calibration chamber for virtually all situations where continuous ventilation and oxygenation monitoring matters.

Sensor Options:

  • OxiVenT™ Sensor (tcPCO2, tcPO2, SpO2, PR and RHP)
  • V-Sign™ Sensor (tcPCO2, SpO2, PR and RHP)


  • For display of data measured with SenTec Sensors as specified in above pictures
  • Physical characteristics:
    • Weight: 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs) – including gas cylinder
    • Size: 10.2 cm x 27.0 cm x 23.0 cm (4.00’’ x 10.63’’ x 9.06’’)
    • Flip feet serving as carrying handle or to adjust angle for improved table-top viewing
    • Mountable on roll/infusion stands, wall mounts/railings, transport incubators, etc.
  • Interfaces:
    • Serial Output (RS-/EIA-232): Supported protocols: SenTecLink, Philips VueLink and/or Philips IntelliBridge, Spacelabs Flexport (no PO2 parameter), Serial Printer, TCB (TransCutaneous Basic Protocol to connect e.g. to Dräger Monitoring) and electronic medical device systems (e.g. Capsule)
    • LAN Port (UDP – RFC 768): Required for Remote Monitoring with V-CareNeT™
    • Analog output (0–1 V)
    • Nurse-call capability
  • TFT Color Display (LED backlight) –    Nonvolatile FLASH memory with capacity (monitoring data) of up to 227 hours (9.5 days)
  • Rechargeable, sealed LiIon Battery with capacity of up to 10 hours


  • Above-mentioned features depend on Software Version of the «SDM-PO2» or «SDM»
  • Contact your SenTec representative for tcPO2 channel activation