The SLE1000 is a revolutionary CPAP machine: a servo-controlled CPAP unit with intelligent alarms and modern electronics. The SLE1000 incorporates a complete rethink of the way CPAP is delivered. Using modern technology, it allows the user to set the desired pressure, and make the driver do all the hard work of adjusting the flow.

SLE 1000 CPAP Ventilation

Thankfully, not every baby needs ventilating; however, a huge number of babies born every year need some sort of gentle support to help them through the first days of life

CPAP ventilation has been shown to reduce the work of breathing and can facilitate early weaning. That’s why SLE has produced the SLE1000 nasal CPAP Driver.Unlike conventional drivers, where the carer has to monitor the pressure and continuously adjust the flow to compensate for leaks or movement, the SLE1000 allows the carer to set the desired pressure, and intelligent software continuously adjusts the flow to maintain this pressure.

The SLE1000 incorporates a range of ‘must have’ features that set entirely new standards in neonatal CPAP drivers.

These include ‘Easy-set’ pressure control giving access to all user-settable parameters, fully automatic alarms that let you know how serious an event is, a high-level light bar that can be seen from 360° and a 4 hour battery that allows for power fluctuations or internal transfers.The SLE1000 nasal CPAP Driver features electronic control of oxygen blending and fully automatic oxygen calibration, saving you time and effort.

The SLE 1000 ets a new standard in non-invasive CPAP therapy

  • Easy-set pressure control
  • Automatic flow control gives more comfortable support to the baby
  • Integral apnoea monitoring
  • Full range of graded alarms