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Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Carestation

Clinical enhancements include 300 ml EtC, ecoFLOW, MAC alarms, improved lung procedures, Monitor/Sedation only mode and an user interface improvements.

High-speed, dedicated connection that seamlessly connects to your EMR. The result is plug and play usability and a richer data set than before. All you need to connect is a single Ethernet cable.

Leveraging over 300+ data points captured with every breath, we offer applications such as Agent Cost and Checkout to help facilities gain visibility into information that can be used to streamline workflow and curb costs.

The Aisys CS2 helps you deliver unmatched performance through patient-focused care. The Aisys CS2 is the most complete anesthesia solution developed, putting patient-focused care at the point of need – at your fingertips.

The Aisys Carestation is built on our industry-leading legacy of anesthesia delivery and patient monitoring technology. We have incorporated innovative features to help you provide the personalized care your patients deserve.

Cost capture and improved efficiencies

Gas and agent consumption measurements help you track usage and capture costs. Combined with our clinical information systems, the Aisys Carestation helps you assess costs and improve efficiencies.

Its advanced technological features, innovative design and expansive functionality give you everything you need to provide the best patient-focused care. Take personalized patient care to a new level with the Aisys Carestation.

Et Control: Simplified Automation

Et Control is an optional gas delivery mode for the fully digital Aisys® Carestation® from GE Healthcare.

With Et Control the clinician sets the target EtO2 and EtAA values, the system constantly monitors the patient’s EtO2 and EtAA values and automatically adjusts the gas delivery and total flow to achieve and maintain the set target values. Intelligent inbuilt safeguards protect against over-delivery and under-delivery of agent and hypoxia – while providing the clinician with peace of mind and total control at all times.

Sophisticated safety features

Et Control constantly measures end-tidal values and automatically adjusts for the patient expired fractions, so inputs can be tailored with extreme precision to achieve the desired result. This level of precision significantly reduces potential over-delivery of agents. In addition to protecting against over-delivery of agents, Et Control provides an intelligent hypoxic guard that ensures alveolar oxygen is always above 25%, especially important during circle anaesthesia. Traditional hypoxic guards only regulate the oxygen in the fresh gas and not in the circle breathing system.

Et Control standard screen

Simplicity and ease of use

Et Control can be used by any clinician familiar with the GE Healthcare anesthesia machine range. Simply set the EtO2 and EtAA target values and Aisys takes care of ensuring those targets are met. For further peace of mind when in Et Control, the user can also select a total minimum fresh gas flow, to disallow total fresh gas flows lower than the minimum setting. Et Control can give higher total flows than the minimum flow setting (typically in response to big changes to the EtO2 and EtAA target settings) but it will never go below the minimum total flow setting.

ET Control settings

Reducing costs

With increasing economic challenges, Et Control provides a tool to deliver low-flow anesthesia in a safer and controlled way, minimizing fresh gas and anesthetic agent usage, with a positive impact on costs.

Reduced workload

Automated EtO2 and EtAA regulation and monitoring, Et Control relieves the clinician of tasks that are not only tedious and time-consuming but also potentially distracting to positively impact the overall patient care process.

Carestation Insights

Carestation Insights is an advanced analytic platform that helps make data driven decisions to deliver improved outcomes.

Carestation Insights is a suite of analytics apps powered by the fully digital Aisys CS2 anaesthesia delivery system. Aisys CS2 can send over 300 data points to the cloud including measured and set ventilation and gas values, alarms, machine status and error codes.

Carestation Insights provides you with a powerful, robust and simple to use suite of cloud-based applications, easily accessed on your computer or tablet. There is enormous potential in exploring new ways of analyzing this data in order to develop a detailed and deep understanding of patient and processes through actionable economic, operational and clinical insights. Carestation Insights.

Carestation Insights data are secured to the highest level.

Checkout Dashboard – keeps track of when anesthesia maschines were checked out across your entire department to improve scheduling workflow and ensure machine functionality.
Agent Cost Dashboard – Support low flow initiatives and provide transparency to anesthetic agent usage and costs across your department.

  • Brilliant machines with intelligent sensors and IT integration that help enhance productivity.
    Data from these machines are funneled into software applications that help reveal insights.
  • A cloud-based ecosystem of brilliant machines and data analytics helping improve performance.
  • A digital model, or “twin”, leverages data from connected devices and makes it accessible for deep analysis.

Anaesthesia department

  • Drive best clinical practices
  • Promote standardization
  • Optimize processes and their adoption
  • Measure performance
  • Justify choices to management

Make smarter decisions to optimize
patient care

Biomedical department

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Sustain clinical excellence
  • Service and sustain equipment lifecycle

Move from ‘break-fix’ model to preemptive maintenance

• Standardize strategy
• Monitor and optimize resource usage
• Encourage best practice

Make meaningful use of your budget



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